Woocommerce & Facebook Offline Conversion

Hi! How are you?

I’m Davide Allegri from “La Capsuleria Srl” a company based in Italy.

I have created a scenario to connect my Woocommerce with Facebook Offline Conversion.

With the aim of tracking the Online purchases of the website in order to have more data within the Facebook ads management to have more data for the optimization of my campaigns.

After several tests, I noticed that in my Facebook Business Manager in Offline Conversion Event Management, the Daily Purchases do not correspond to the total of the site’s BackEnd.

I wanted to ask you if you have a guide or best practices to better refine the passage of data.

Both in terms of data to be mapped and in terms of times (how many minutes to activate the scenario) and how much data (orders) to pass at once.

Thank you

Davide Allegri
Capsuleria Srl

Facebook is very finicky since Cambridge Analytica, and especially the new iOS Privacy features specifically targeting Facebook tracking.

There are many reasons why data wouldn’t show up in the business manager, between opt-outs from individual users, to your specific privilege’s in terms of what data you are allowed to track in your dashboard, or the fact that you are based in the EU which means that GDPR is applicable to all data that is processed or handled by you or Facebook.

would need more information to be able to help further, but hopefully this gives you some good starting points.
I would confirm what data you are allowed to track first, and if opt-outs affect you. before diving into the nitty gritty of the integrations.