Automaticly add linked items to an item

Hello everyone,

I’m building our CRM on I have a board for client accounts, a board for contacts, and a board for opportunities. Each account has relevant contacts connected to it. Once an opportunity is opened and associated with an account, I’d like to connect all the contacts that are linked to the associated account directly to the opportunity. This direct connection is necessary for proper automation functionality.

I tried to accomplish this through Make, but I encountered an issue. When I attempted to insert the linked pulse ID into the column (using the “update columns value” module), it failed. I also tried using the “get an item” module to see what it picks up, but it only pulled one connected item instead of all the others. Do you have any ideas on how to resolve this?


You could use the “Execute graph ql” module I find it works better than the “Update column values” You will need to use this mutation, You might need to use an iterator before the Gragh ql module for all the items you want to link.

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I think the following property is the problem:
linked items are represented as an array. to get all items from it, they must first be put into the correct form and then written to the item in a single update.

I often solve this like this:
Put the array of linked item into an iterator
with the text aggreagtor all ids can be packed into a string and this string is then inserted into the grapgh ql

So the final modul should have something like this as graph ql

Note This can also be done more efficiently, but this way it is very easy to understand


Worked amazing! thank you all