Create a post on facebook page from video in telegram


I desperately try to post videos I get on telegram to my facebook page.
I have connected to the telegram bot, that is ok.
But I can’t get the video published on my facebook page.
I put “message:video:file_id” in “data”:

But I get an error message from the facebook pages module.

When I run once, it looks like I get the correct information from telegram bot:

But on the facebook module side I get that:

(it is not a video size problem since I can upload the same video myself on my facebook page).

How can I get to publish the video? Thx :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Make community!

I think you shouldn’t be using file_id in the Data field.

What you need to do is use HTTP “Download a file” module to download the video first, then put the downloaded video data into that field.


Thanks a lot for your suggestion :), but I get the same problem: the http module needs a url, and I don’t know find any url in the elements extracted by the telegram module.

In fact what I am trying to achieve is getting media (if there is) and text from a selected tweet, quick edit the text, and upload media and text to a post in my facebook page.

I made a dev profile on twitter, but when I try to get tweets with Make I get an error message saying I need to have “basic” plan (too expensive for me): “The operation failed with an error. [403] Client Forbidden: You are trying to access v2 Twitter endpoint. Make sure you have a Basic plan at least. Learn more about Twitter v2 API access: Twitter API v2 support | Twitter Developer Platform”.
So I discarded that solution.

Then I found some telegram bots able to get the video and (part of) the tweet text by posting them the link to the tweet. But then I get that url problem :pensive:

Looks like Telegram has a “Download a file” module, which accepts the file_id. Could you use that to get the file?


It worked !!! You are a genius !!! Thanks a lot !

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No problem, glad I could help!

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