Explain operation per month in layman lingo

What exactly is operations per month on make. I’m simply posting data to GSheets. How to know how many operations are being performed currently? Please explain this simply since im new to these things.

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An operation is simply the processing of a single bundle in a module.

In most cases, if two bundles reach a module, it uses a total of two operations; and if one bundle passes through two modules, it uses a total of two operations.

To avoid using many operations (e.g.: if you are using a search module), usually you will want to aggregate multiple bundles into a single array variable, and use the built-in array functions like map, join, etc. on them.

Some modules do not use operations, even when bundles reach them. This is because they do not perform any read/write operations.

There are a few exceptions of modules when Make does not count the operations.

  • Error handler modules (Rollback, Break, Resume, Commit, Ignore)
  • Router module


Operations per month (billing cycle)

This is the amount of operations that your subscription grants you for the monthly billing cycle. Your monthly reset falls on the same day each month, and is unlikely the 1st of the month.

You can view the number of operations available to you by going to your organisation dashboard.


You can see how many operations each scenario has used in the current billing cycle by looking at this variable on your scenario list:


For more information on the “base” number of operations in your Make subscription, see https://www.make.com/en/pricing. You can pre-purchase additional operations, or you can use the auto-purchasing of operations feature (which is more expensive than if you pre-purchased).

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Hi @Thyke_AI
With a free account, you’re limited to 1000 operations per month, but you can upgrade with different plans they offer. Each time you run a process, you’ll see the number of operations used in a pop-up bubble next to the modules.

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