Google Docs API : theme edit

Hello everyone, I need a little help because I’m stuck with my automation. :heart_decoration:
I created an Airtable database in which I write content in Markdown format, and my goal is to automate the creation of PDF files.

So far everything is working fine, here is the screenshot of the automation.

The 2 arms of the automation are only used to create a versionning of the pdf files, the interesting part for us is here I think

But I would like to go further, I would like to allow this automation to format the text with a certain font, a certain color but also apply two columns to it, ideally reduce the margins etc.

I partially succeeded by injecting HTML code in the Markdown format so it works to change the color or change the font here are some code examples

# First title
## <span style="color:red;">Second title</span>
Here is **some** text.
Here is an image : ![image](

I would therefore like to create a Google Docs x Make code that allows formatting under two columns and modifying the margins, Make does not seem to natively offer the formatting modification.

Do you have any suggestions? :slight_smile: