Information Security Compliance

Hi Make,
Do you currently hold SOC2 and ISO27001 certifications?

If you do, how do I get copies of the reports?

My company looking to use you products and services and we need to complete due diligence before signing up!


@Michaela can answer better on this,

However, you can some reference at the Make’s security page.

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Hello there @shanemoore welcome to the community :wave:

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Edited due to previously misleading information:

Currently, all standard Make subscription plans are waiting to be included in Celonis SE ISO27001 certification scope as we are part of the Celonis group. Until then, we can provide ISO27001 certificate for the Celonis SE (but as stated Make product is not there yet in the scope) or ISO27001 and SOC2 certification of our infrastructure provider (AWS).

Make Enterprise plans/platform run in a separately managed AWS environment compliant with the highest security standards. At the same time, they are powered by the Celonis infrastructure which holds the ISO2700 certification.

For further and more precise information, it’s always better to contact our customer support team and select ‘Data Privacy/Security’ in the contact form.

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