Re-Process successful scenarios for testing

Hi all,

I have build a scenario with Drobox Sign as trigger (Watch Document Events).

The scenario is successful.

Now I want to change some details and filters in the scenario and test again.

The only way to get data through this scenario is, to go to Dropbox sign, create documents, sign them with 2 persons and so on. This took much time.

Is there a way to re-process or replay thsi whole scenario to test my changes without going to dropbox sign and so on?

Just use existing data to reprocess the scenario.

thank you much.


I’ve seen a few different approaches to this, but I’m also curious about others.

One option is to rework your scenario and use a Webhook trigger instead of Dropbox Sign.
Then, create a separate Scenario that is triggered by Dropbox Sign followed by an HTTP module to call the Webhook from the original Scenario.
With this, you can use something like Postman, and any data you want, to trigger the Scenario as many times as needed.

Another possible option is described in this post How to test Instant+ACID Trigger with past data? - #3 by Wemakefuture

Another option is to put a router after the trigger, then set variables on the first route.
On the second route, get the variables, then continue the rest of your Scenario. For each variable, use ifempty() to set a default if the variable doesn’t exist.
For production, the trigger will run, follow the first route to set variables, follow next route to get variables, then modules down the line can use the variables.

During testing, disable that first route and start the scenario on the router. This will force the scenario to use the defaults you set up in get variables and run the rest of the scenario. Hope this last one made sense!


Thank you much, I will test that.

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That sounds like a too much husle for me… isn’t there a build in feature for this? This is available in Microsoft Power Automate…

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