Reply all with "Send Email" or "Draft Email" module

How do I setup the draft email or send email modules (for email or gmail) to “reply all”. I currently have it setup just to send back to the sender email. Sometimes there is one or more cc email addresses and one or more “to” addresses, but these can also be empty.

I’ve tried using ifempty with the copy recipient email address but I get an error (Invalid “To” field). It seems to always think the copy recipient email address is empty.

For the “To” field in this module, it always needs a value. If you are unable to provide one you could always use a fallback value to a throwaway account.

If the Map toggle is on, you’ll need to ensure the value of the variable you are setting in that field contains email addresses (comma-separated):




Thank you. I did try that but it was always treating it as if it were empty. I think I may have discovered the problem. Only the first recipient in the “To” field of the Watch Emails is returned. It looks like the full list of recipients of the original email are in a key value string.

Now you’ve got to extract the email addresses from the text field using the match module, then use a text aggregator to join them into a comma separated string

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Hi @trwf

Check out this advanced module to create draft and actual replies to the same thread.