Scenario sends the data to the wrong Pipedrive account

I was working on a project that includes fetching the responses to different campaign using Instantly webhook and process it in different ways to convert the response to leads (either as a new lead or updating the previous lead using the corresponding lead ID). I have 3 accounts for both Pipedrive and Instantly (say A, B, C) for 3 different firms. After I modified the scenario to avoid contact duplication of incoming responses inside Pipedrive, all responses from Instantly a, b, c accounts are being merged to the Pipedrive account A. I have set the Pipedrive APIs inside the Make scenarios correspondingly and cross-checked it multiple times. What should I do?

Hi Arjun.

When you say Pipedrive “Accounts” do you mean the Account object in Pipedrive, or do you mean different Pipedrive subscriptions?

If you can provide screenshots to illustrate the problem that would help too!

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