The Support Area Broken

I have tried to clear cache/cookies and have tried on several browsers and I cannot send a message from within my admin portal. I get the same message on all systems. Please tell me what I’m doing wrong and/or an alternative way to contact support.

For security, I blocked out my email address, but in the fields the email address is fully written.

Hello @jmacman :wave:

Thank you very much for raising this here in the community and let me say that I’m sorry that your experience when logging a ticket is not the smoothest.

Could you please give it a shot by filling out the form without any attachments and seeing if the ticket goes through?

Thanks a lot :pray:

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Yes, I already tried this several times and same issues.

Hello again @jmacman, thank you very much for confirming that you’re already given that a go.

You mentioned that you’re attempting to open a ticket from your dashboard. :arrow_down:

Could you please try to log a ticket from our Help Center?

This will help us identify what the issue might be and take appropriate measures to resolve it.

Thank you very much for your patience and your collaboration :pray:

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I sent a request yesterday and it seems that it is fixed.


Hello again @jmacman :wave:

Thanks a lot for the update. I’m glad to hear that all’s up and running for you.