🐶 🐱 Fluffy Friends

Hey Makers :wave:

At Make, we are super fond of our pets :cat2: :dog2: :mouse:
They’re in our homes, they’re in our offices, and they’re on our Zoom calls.

I’m sure that many of you have a fluffy companion who you love more than anything. Let’s face it, I prefer the pets around me to most people :sweat_smile:

That’s why I’m starting this thread so that we can come in and share what our pets have been up to.

I’ll go ahead and start by introducing you to our cats who 100% enjoy the heating season :cat: :snowflake:

Meet Toby, Timmy and Alex


Hello everyone

Long-time reader, first-time poster. Love this Michaela!

Meet Pearl: we adopted her a few years back. Decided we wanted to give “an old girl” a good home.

Fun fact - she was homeless for a while and when she was rescued all her teeth were messed up, so they had to do some dental work. As a result she now only has a few teeth, so when she licks her lips sometimes her gums get stuck, and this leads to adorable/unflattering pics like this:

She’s incredibly affectionate and has no regard for your personal space. Which is fine.


Thank you so much for introducing Pearl to the community @PaulB it’s a pleasure to meet her! I mean what an adorable kitty :heart_eyes:

I love that you decided to give a new home to an older cat and she seems to know how lucky she got :blush:

Also, how insanely cute is she with those lips stuck to her gums :face_holding_back_tears: :purple_heart:

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Hey everyone,

joining the fluffy convo here with Kiki and Yuki! They are 1 year old and come from a local shelter. This is how they slept together as wee kitties.

Always wanted to have a cat called Yuki since I saw Animatrix (episode Beyond) and Kiki is just a cute name and we love Kiki’s Delivery Service at home (even though the black talking cat is called Jiji in the movie, we just felt this one to be on the Kiki side of things).

Kiki is obsessed with hunting hair ties and has learned a trick how to grab ties that are on a hanger in the bathroom. She grabs the tie with one claw, pulls down on it and then lets go, sending the tie flying! After we realized she is doing this, we hid them away but she knows exactly where they are and keeps looking for ways how to get them.

And Yuki loves vantage points, sometimes that happens to be me.

Have a purrfect weekend y’all! :black_cat:


ok let’s do it. I have to beat it with the maximum number of fluffy friends :slight_smile:

My 1st Danny
Beauceron, speciality - Trail Dog (White Powder Freeride - YouTube)

My wife’s 1st Ellie
Irish wolfhound, speciality - too fricking big

Our 2nd Wendy R.I.P
Streetmix, speciality - soo cute

My 2nd Barbucha, R.I.P
Beauceron, speciality - soo good in general (Her puppies don’t count in the competition :slight_smile:

My wife’s 2nd Sam, R.I.P
Big Schnauzer, speciality - ADHD, crazy

Our 3nd Tino, R.I.P
Streetmix, speciality - barking, destroying things, dog pack trigger (bought from a homeless)

Our cats, brother Baboo and his sister Aileen
Ragdolls, speciality - rag dolls :slight_smile:

Our cat Seed, R.I.P
Streetmix, speciality - 1st cat in our lives

Together at some point
Barbucha, Wendy, Sam, Tino

10 little beaucerons



These here are the 2 little fluffy demons that make my life better.

This is Pedi, short for crankset in Portuguese since she’s a bike geek. She’s also the real Make specialist of the house and if you see any support tickets answered by Bruno you can be sure it was her who actually got back to you. She’s a clumsy-ish climber but loves to perch herself on precarious spots.

And this one is Sofi, the little lovebiter and cuddle enthusiast.

When I adopted her she was full of worms and she must have eaten about half of my wardrobe and multiple shoelaces. Even after she got treated, it took quite a while for her to lose the habit of eating everything… :sweat_smile:


Thank you so much for sharing all the fluffballs @here! I 100% love every last one of them :purple_heart:

I genuinely did not expect that many pics right away, haha. This is certainly turning into a therapeutic thread for whenever I need a dose of cuteness in my life :face_holding_back_tears:

Well and here’s my “kitty for today”.

This is Joey. He loves head scratches, belly rubs, and his levitating heater bed and he is scared of literally everything.

My sister named him after Joey from friends but I like to think about him as the cat version of Joey Ramone.

We like to call him “darkness with eyes”.


cute pets so loving , sharing the love with all of you




@dansmith Oh my gaaaawddd :sob: :sob: How adorable!!

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happy new year from spring Czechia :sunglasses:


Happy new year @Marek_Lister :tada:

Haha, who would say the country was covered in snow a couple of days ago, right? Awesome to see that you and your doggo are making proper use of the warm days :mountain_biking_man:

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I almost forgot to step in with my seasonal kitty pics!

The holidays sure are fun in a house full of cats, haha. The tree did not get knocked over, though, so that’s great news :sweat_smile:

the ultimate presents to be found underneath the tree


Oh crap. This thread is full of cuteness… I just can’t get enough :heart_eyes:

So I will just add one fluffy piece.

This is Dobby. Dobby is a Hungarian vizsla. Physically he is 4 years old, but mentally he is like a puppy and I believe he will be like that forever.
Dobby loves stealing socks (stinky or fresh, does not matter) and he loves running under freshly washed wet black clothes. Pity, his master loves to wear black. Black clothes are not black anymore. It is a dark color with a ginger touch (always!) :D.

He loves to cuddle and loves every Hoooman. When he sees you, he does a doggie twerking for a couple of minutes and he just simply cannot stop. If he is super excited he makes weird noises, almost like he was singing.

He is a passionate music listener, especially when Vivaldi is on, he just lays over his back showing his belly = 100% satisfied, addicted to cuddles and human touch.

And he is magical. He creates a smile on one’s face, even if one had a very bad day.
I believe he made you smile now as well :slight_smile: Have a great day!

It’s a Tetris Time!


No ladies… This guy is taken…


Heya @Zuzizrzi welcome to the community :wave:

And oh my goodness :sob: Thanks so much for sharing all the info about this accomplished young gentleman!

I am dying of cuteness overload which is exactly what I was hoping for when I started this thread, haha. My evil plan works!

Also, since I’m here I might as well casually add another piece into the fluffy puzzle.

This is Toby. He is not the smartest but he surely has everyone wrapped around his (fluffy) finger because he’s just so damn cute. He loves chilling in cardboard boxes and meowing at nothing in the middle of the night.


This thread needs some more love, and as I sit here writing Academy content it would be a crime to not acknowledge Pearl keeping me company:



Omh what a great colleague to hang out with, Paul :heart_eyes:

I love that she wears all those fabulous cat-cessories (what a terrible pun, sorry :smiley: ) around her neck. What a fashionista :nail_care:

Since we’re unleashing the pets here, I might as well step in with my bit.

I guess I’ll just continue with my ‘cats in boxes’ series.

Guess which of them is the odd one out :sweat_smile:

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I feel like having a ‘pet-related theme’ thread could be a whole series of posts in itself. But let’s keep it here… for now :wink:

So this month’s theme for Pearl, a continuation of her ‘toothless open-jawed grin’. In the earlier post I mentioned she had dental work done, and sometimes she’ll lick her lips and her gums will ‘get stuck’. It’s hilarious. Look:

It will never not be hilarious.

Also here’s one of her being cute, just to tip the scales:

Have yourselves a glorious week, pet lovers. :heart_eyes_cat: :dog: :turtle: :bird:


I’ll never get over how adorable and hilarious this is :sweat_smile: Pearl sure looks like a main character of a show on Cartoon Network. You know - experiencing all the adventures, solving all the crimes, saving all the worlds :smiley:

@PaulB Thanks so much for letting her be a part of the community :purple_heart:

Since we’re talking kitties, let me introduce you to Janice :cat2:

  • She is the tiniest thing and she is also the loudest thing.
  • When she got hurt and had to wear a pet cone, she managed to remove it in a remarkable eight minutes.
  • She loves sitting in the most inconvenient places, completely ignoring any attempts to make her move.


In our latest series of Pearl pictures, I call this one…“Pearl from an unflattering low angle”

Happy Thursday, Make Community :purple_heart: