Webflow Submit Form with Tag -> Convertkit: Issue with setting up correct scenario:

Dear community,

I am dealing with a problem that has been giving me a headache all week.

Original thought
I want a tag to be stored behind each subscriber. The input is via a Subscription Form on Webflow and using checkbox the tag should be deposited to the user. See screenshot below

Workaround with Make
I want to transfer information from Submit Form of Webflow to Convertkit. But for specific data (stored as Bolean expression) I want to realize only one submit, for data stored with values “true”. Data for values “false” should remain empty. I have tried to do this using filters and webhooks.

The transfer of name and email works. → Check
About the tag information: All information about the tag is transferred. no matter if the bolean value is true or false, So I don’t get a separation of the information and at the end I get in COnvertkit for the subscriber all tags displayed, instead of only those which are selected.

Can you help me please.
Which function, which procedure do I have to use with Make?


Problem - Converting Information.pdf (143.1 KB)

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Hi @sebsmm22,

Can you share with me what your scenario looks like, in terms of How the mapping is done in ConvertKit?

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Hi @Runcorn

thanks for the fast reply.
I have tried filter-function and webhook , but both was leading me then to the desired state. So now I am back to basic.

Starting point: Webflow; adding website
Endpoint: Convertkit; adding data: email & data: name and selecting the desired tags “creator, leser, talente”

Is this sufficient or how I can share the information with you?

Can you share the screenshot of how the mapping needs to be done in ConvertKit? I need to review how it needs to be passed, for eg. if it is Select dropdown or something similar.

Just the screenshot of Converkit tag field is sufficient.

Hey @Runcorn ,

here we go: hope this is what you meant

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That works, let me check one thing and will get back to you.


Okay, What you want to do first is, Grab the Tag ID from ConvertKit. To do so what you can do is, Check for eg. the Creator Tag and click the Map button that should show you the Tag ID, do the same for others as well,

Screenshot from 2023-04-22 02-06-39

For me the Creator Tag I created has ID 3799842 as in the screenshot. So, Just grab all the Tag ID that you want to use, for your use case it will be three tag IDs.

Now, What you need to do is, Add following formula in the tag field,

{{remove(add(emptyarray; if(4.creator = true; 3799842); if(4.leser = true; 3799844); if(4.leser = true; 3799845)); null)}}

Whereby, the one that I am using, 4.creator is the your webflow boolean flag for Creator.

Give, it a try and if you are stuck on it just let me know. This should work as long as the data you are getting from Webflow is boolean.



I tried it. It seems that I do something wrong.

I changed the tag, so this should work.

If I use same code like you mentioned, it seems that something with this “4.” is wrong
{{remove(add(emptyarray; if(4.creator = true; 3779979); if(4.leser = true; 3785130); if(4.talente = true; 3791215)); null)}}

If I remove the “4.” forwarding the proper tag is not working.

You need to replace that with your web flow variables.

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Where can I find them :smiley:

Not sure what is being returned from Webflow Watch Events, but those variable should be there right in the first module output?

Hi runcorn,

is it that what I need to look for?

In consequence the code looks like that:

{{remove(add(emptyarray; if(1.creator = true; 3779979); if(2.leser = true; 3785130); if(3.talente = true; 3791215)); null)}}

Yeah, Is it working?


Can you share me the screenshot of the formula that you are using?

It needs to be mapped from the first module, I think you are typing that in the formula which doesn’t;t work like that way.

Those purple one in the screenshot i.e 4.creator, 4.lesser needs to be mapped from the output of the first module.



Meanwhile the screenshot of my fields

As in the screenshot, for how you did with Email and First Name you need to do the same for the formula, remove 1.creator, and use mapping to select the form output of the first module.

And, Same goes to 2.leser and 3.talente, remove those and use the one you get from the first module like the way you are doing with email and firstname field.

But in the first module (Webflow) there is no number or specific allocation available- see screenshot with the output…

Not sure how I can explain to you better,

Use the same formula that I have stated previously,

{{remove(add(emptyarray; if(Data: Creator = true; 3779979); if(Data: Leser = true; 3785130); if(Data: Talente = true; 3791215)); null)}}

Screenshot from 2023-04-22 03-03-45

Replace the Bolded text I have above with the appropriate one just like you are doing with Email.

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got ya.
But still not working

See screenshot from convertkit